Teachers Tools

Various teacher-tools that have been developed to help align instruction, assessment, and curriculum.

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Consulting Services

Consulting services, related to California Common Core Standards, that I offer to schools.

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Provide alignment between the new California Common Core Standards and the older California Content Standards: simplify understanding the Common Core Standards, by/and across grade levels.

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Welcome to Our Website

Tools to help teachers focus instruction, assessment, and curriculum on the Common Core Standards, including the California additions.

This website will provide various teacher-help tools that I have developed to help teachers align curriculum, instruction, assessment, and remediation for Common Core Standards, with the California additions, in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Most of the materials are for Kindergarten through grade 8. English Language Arts materials are for Kindergarten through grade 12.

Mission Statement
Provide teachers with specific, detailed information about how to use the Common Core standards, with the California additions, to plan daily instruction and regular assessment (both formative and summative). Relate this information to individual student's strengths and weaknesses to facilitate remediation and enrichment.