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Teacher Tools

California English Language Arts Standards De-Constructed and Un-Packed (current CA standards, 2002-2014):

Grades 1 through 10
There is a separate document for each of the grade levels listed above. Each document contains the California English Language Arts standards (Word Analysis and Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Literary Response and Analysis, Written and Oral Language Conventions, Writing Strategies, and Writing Applications) for that grade level, accompanied by a detailed description of the content that students need to know in order to be successful both with that California content standards, and on the CST assessments for that particular standard. The CST items assessing the standard are listed directly after the content overview. The appendix contains an alignment with the new California Common Core Standards. (grades 1 through 5: $29.99, each; grades 6 through 10: $34.99, each; purchase of additional copies of same grade level, $14.99, each)

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Benchmark Data Organizers/Mid-Year Check-Off Guides

(English Language Arts, Mathematics: Kindergarten through grade 8: Science Grades 5 and 8; Social Science: Grade 8; Geometry)
These guides can be used at any time during the school year. They were specifically designed to be used in January, midway through the school year. When used at this point in time, the guides help teachers adjust their instructional planning sequence so that all of the state's standards have been presented in instruction, and reviewed, prior to administering the CSTs in May. The guides could, however, be used at the beginning of the school year as part of the curriculum-mapping process. The guides contain each of the grade-level standards (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science in grades 5 and 8, and Social Science in grade 8), tell how many items are on the CST, show the CST items that have been released by the state, and have columns for indicating student/class scores on each benchmark test (common assessments) administered by teachers. Teachers can use these guides, along with any notes that they make regarding the standard (taught, not taught, etc.), as their instructional "guide" for the next instructional period.

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Mid-year Student Progress Guides:

Grades 1 through 8
These guides were specifically designed to be used in January or early February, each school year.  The guides will help the teacher analyze individual student progress, related to the California Content
standards, and student readiness for the CST content and format. Students, especially those who are lacking important skills, should set their own individual goals: “What level of proficiency will I reach on
the CSTs?” Students need to know where they need to put in extra effort and practice and how “little”  they need to learn in order to move up a proficiency level and be more competent on grade-level skills.
Teachers can use the information to set up RTI groups and help students realize their individual goals. ($6.99, each)

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Standards maps (English Language Arts, Mathematics: Kindergarten through grade 8; Science: Grades 5 and 8) (current CA standards, 2002-2014)

These maps were designed to give the classroom teacher a one-page overview of the grade-level standards in that content area. The maps make it easier for teachers to “double dip” when presenting instruction. The most effective way for teaching these standards is to: a) teach the lesson (i.e., using information found in the deconstructed/un-packed documents for English Language Arts or the mathematics text standards’ alignment guides for Mathematics) – both listed here; b) continue to review the skills throughout the year (in context) so that the students retain the information. ($14.99, each)

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Mathematics standards-alignment guides

  1. Houghton Mifflin: Kindergarten through 6
  2. McMillan: Grades 2 through 5
  3. Prentice Hall: Grades 6 through 8
  4. Holt: Grades 6 and 7

These guides align the California Mathematics Standards with the instruction found in the texts listed above. The guides include information about skills taught in the previous grade level, the released CST items from the state’s website (through those released in February 2009) and indication of where lessons can be skipped, consolidated, or taught later in the school year. The aim is to insure that all of the content standards, and the CST format, have been taught to all students by two weeks
prior CST administration. ($14.99, each)

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Algebra I: Sub-skills underlying the California Content Standards

This guide is designed to help teachers assist students as they encounter the Algebra I content. The guide breaks down each of the standards into underlying sub-skills that are necessary for mastering the content standard. Teachers can review the underlying sub-skills (which, often, were presented in pre-Algebra), and students can complete math journals listing the steps necessary for mastering each standard. Students can then use these journals as the work on Algebra problems. ($24.99, each)

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Grade 3 English Language Arts Standards Map